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Performance gets worse and worse

Making moves

My firefox favorite web browser I used for years recently has been getting worse every update, it now eats up 4 gigabytes of ram to watch a youtube live video stream with chat text as if it now has major bug memory leak, I been forced to use chrome now because the problem is so annoying and yes I done complete fresh install with no plugins and still eats up tons of ram compared to Chrome (which I do not like) that use very little memory, please roll back a few versions to when it worked correctly and stop changing it so much the software developers you have working for you are starting to destroy this web browser that use to work so good, Windows 10/8.1 Firefox Developers Edition 64bit v99.0b6 on aurora update channel.


Making moves

I'm a longtime user (swapped from IE4) but I too am getting disappointed . I have 16G I7 and the other browsers all load very quickly, but Moz. is getting slower and slower each new version. I also use RoboForm which does not slow the other browsers down.  Your screen grabber is the best, and I use it a lot so don't want to change, but even Facebook is not reliable - I get text but pics are just blank holes in the screen. Other multipage sites stall on first page and will not load properly. I try it on Brave and it works fine ???  If I could find an alternative good sceen grabber I would be very tempted to drop Moz.  Pity - used to love it. 

Making moves

I would say that before any new features are added or worked on for new versions of firefox, the very first and serious priority until these issues are fixed is substancially reducing the amount of memory usage and substancially improve the performace of Firefox. Firefox is worth saving, but if you keep changing it with new features that are not needed rather than focusing on making Firefox tight, fast and lean, you will keep losing more and more market share and put this great browser at risk. The web community needs to have choice and if Firefox is lost, due to lack of resources, lack of market share, or other reasons, then Internet users will be left with no options. Please do not neglect the need to optimize and fix Firefox before adding a bunch of new features to this wonderful browser.

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