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Outoing emails not saved if system is sorting incoming emails.

Making moves

Running Thunderbird 102.8.0 (64 bit) and have had some trouble with the system not saving replies to emails if it is also receiving or sorting emails.

The sent message appears to go out OK, and the replied to message shows the "replied-to" symbol, but there is no record kept anywhere that I can find - certainly not in my inbox, sent, or outgoing folders. The message "Save Message" appears in the pulldown window "Window", but clicking on it does nothing.

This has happened twice in the past few weeks. I am updating to 102.9.0 right away, but I suspect this is still going to happen...

Inbox is rather large mind you - perhaps size matters - and do I need to reduce the number of emails and attachments in the Inbox?


John :-#)#