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Multiple instance for firefox running in win 8.1

Making moves



Multiple instance of firefox is really a problem with my computer with Win 8.1 installed.  The ram is 4 GM only, but other browsers are working without problems.  Now I am using firefox version 100.0.2. Before this browser has an option to set maximum instance and by this we were able to control its concurrent instance problem.  Now this multiple instance is growing very high and the system itself is becoming very slow and drags even mouse movements.  I am using firefox for more than 15 years and now I am totally fed up with this problem and planning to switch to some other web browser and thought of informing you about this before that. 




Making moves

Yup! I am having the same problem. I open one window with Firefox and TEN Firefox Processes open - what is that all about? My machine takes 15 minutes to load and then restricts further windows from opening, copy and paste hangs, saving pages, it all has closed down to being almost utterly useless.