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Mozilla sould their soul to Google

Making moves


• Mozilla makes most of their money by shipping Firefox with Google as default search engine.
• Mozilla partnered with Facebook to create "privacy preserving advertising technology".
• Mozilla now includes a unique identifier to all Firefox downloads/installations.
• Mozilla Firefox by default has telemetry enabled without informing the user.
• Mozilla Firefox now includes more and more bloat such as Pocket, etc.
• Firefox always has some spyware/telemetry service spying on it's users even when you disable telemetry in the settings and in about:config, firefox still connect's to

Highly recommend Librewolf.


Making moves

Read the docs before screaming here 😄

"All platforms other than Windows and also Windows installations that did not use the stub installer do not have this data and will not include the attribution object."

From firefox: "The identifier gets generated when you click on the Download link. However, you can opt-out of telemetry collection and turn on the Do not Track feature after installing Firefox. Then, we will delete all information for your profile, including records containing the unique identifier. Alternatively, you can choose to download Firefox from our archive site where no unique download identifier is generated at the time of download."

This is nothing to worry about imo.

Making moves

Do not track is the most useless crap ever introduced, websites give a sh!t about this prefference, when you tell a criminal "hey please don't take my money" this isn't going to stop anyone from taking your money.

What archive are you talking about?

So downloading on one of these urls always contains the stub? I could simply test and find out.

Disabling telemetry & data collection in firefox settings DOESN'T do sh!t, firefox still connects to google safebrowsing and many other telemtry domains. Don't lie to me about opt-out, there is no opt-out in firefox.

The opt-out setting is there to give the illusion you havef control, spoiler you don't.

When someone tells you to NOT WORRY this is malicious manipulatiuon tactics that should get you extra worried IMO.


Making moves

I'm curious now, i want to know more about the unique identifier (stub installer), what exactly is this thing, is it an exe, if so what's the name of it? I will install firefox from the archives and compare the install process with the installer from the official downloadpage, i will record everything that happens in the process.
I'm closely monitoring my network, outbound and inbound connections of any kind will not go undetected.
Same goes for processes, should there be any malicious processes such as the "default useragent" this will be noticed and documented.
So i ask again, are you sure there is no stub installer included with the archive downloads, and if so which archive are you talking about.

To help satiate your curiosity, here's a link to the 64-bit, US English, Firefox installer.

The stub installer is the one that downloads a small, couple megabyte file straight from their website. If you want to acquire it, it's the easiest one to get.

Making moves

I would much rather like to AVOID the unique indentifier rather than acquire it.

The link you sent, do downloads from there have the stub or not?
I'll find out either way but i'm asking now to hear it from an official firefox dev, or atleast forum moderator.

Tell me where i can download firefox without an identifier?
I already sent two links, the archive and the ftp... your turn.

The full installers are not stubs. The one on their main website is a stub.

(The installers do not "have" stubs)


Making moves

Mozilla at this point is funded opposition controlled by google.