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Mozilla allowing Google to interfere with/censor searches

Making moves

I see Mozilla Firefox is now allowing Google to interfere with/censor search sites it considers to be dangerous, under the pretense that it is a malicious site or contains unwanted software. However, at least we can still opt to proceed anyway but wish Mozilla/Firefox would just give them the middle finger (f_k off) and refuse to cooperate with them.  I'm using duckduckgo as the search engine but doesn't currently seem to make much difference since it's all being routed through Firefox.  Please reconsider your attempts/options before allowing Google's insidious & malicious censorship tendencies to infiltrate the perceived independent & unbiased nature of your operating system.



Is this a problem with phishing/malware site detection (red error page)? I assume most of the sites on the list are actually problem sites, so I don't recommend disabling this feature, but if you want to, you certainly can: