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It's Mozilla Firefox the worst browser in the web history?

Making moves

Firefox issues and problems. First I must say the Mozilla Firefox browser is the worst I have ever experienced throughout it's entire history ever. I have used Firefox for over 1 year. It was never my first choice as a web browser. Far prefered anyone else, Chrome Is the number one. But a website don't show the pictures or comments made with the Chrome or any other browser, so I become obliged to download MF and started to use it, just and only for that website.

But, It constantly, hangs, crashes, and becomes not responding on start up. I have tried everything possible to make it work without any positive results. I am so disappointed that I am thinking about abandoning the browser all together and the web site that onbliged me to use it. 

Let's not talk about import "Favorites" better known as "Bookmarks" directly from the another browser with drag & drop. Simply doesn't work. Repeat it hundreds of times, the same bookmark, no idea why.  It works marvelous with Chrome or any other browser. Including organizing, import or export of bookmarks.

I am totally left frustrated. Everything seems to be all users and consumers are left being guinea pigs for all the software developers. It should not be this way. The software developers should test their products in the lab first, then push the updates to consumers.

Well I have finished with my comments. I just think the new technologies should improve everyone's life, not hinder or decrease quality of life.

Will ever recommend this browser, not even to my worst enemy.

Thank you?


Making moves

All the issues you mentioned have never been resolved by firefox. I still use v95.0 as all other versions above make the browser, icons and everything the upgraded browser offers ovsersized for my screen. It's now come to the point the current browser v95.0 i'm using is now started to hang, crash or tatally freeze. Firefox creators have become lazy and incompetent in their desire to be creative. All problems mentioned started for me when Windows 10 was intrduced. Maybe thats the price of success! Time to leave and stick to Yandex browser which is far better for stable functionality.

Imagine this situation.

By my work I need to use Tumblr. For any unexplained reason the website where I should post don't accept Chrome, Edge, or any other browser except Mozilla...

Almost every time I copy to make a post, Tumblr just freezes, says "this website is slowing Mozilla"... so I have to close Mozilla, re-open it and start again...

Imagine when that's a 3 or 4 hrs work in a row? Just with the closed/reopen situation I lost 50% of my time.

God, I wish we get a good browser somewhere... Dreams are free, I know.

That's very correct. 

So, when people talk to me about how MF is fabulous and much better than Chrome or Edge or whatever I just laugh.

Making moves

And forget it when you restart your PC. It takes 27 thousand tries before the home page loads. By the time it does I've been to dozens of pages in any other browser. So it's NOT the internet connection. It's Firefox. The biggest piece of crap browser there is. And if the people at Mozilla can't fix it is either because they don't want to or they're just plain nimrods.


They get colossal fame and then forget about it... Terrible.

If you can't successfully access Tumblr with ANY browser... that sounds like a Tumblr problem lol

Making moves

I 100% agree, constantly lagging, Hanging up for zero reason. I used to love this browser but I spend so much time waiting. What is this the 1990s and AOL? geese, fix your stuff its the 21st century, this is how companies go out of business. Bata Max here