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I am very unhappy

Making moves

The Firefox Upgrade of thursday February 16th make me feel like and infant.

I don't find Relay interesting anymore if I can't use my own email addresses established by years.

Being on a site like Rock'and Roll Hall Of Fame and closing the cookie follower tool because I couldn't navigate in something that I abuse for years. And yes they do things, but after all the scamming I just left, unable to find the IP address of these people that got thousands of my money. The RnRHoF is not very dangerous.

I find the offering far too extreme suddenly, yes we can't know everything. Most of my problems were from other places than all you day. Like I don't receive any more porn dating site, since I block some chats.  Need balance on that

And why is it that hard to write, every first letter block the writing, inefficient and meaningless