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How to Submit a Great Idea in Five Easy Steps

Community Manager
Community Manager

Have an idea for a new product feature? You’re in the right place! 

We want to hear from you—and hey so do lots of other users around the world. 

So here’s a quick guide on How to Submit a Great Idea in Five Easy Steps, to help make sure your post gets the attention it deserves. 

1. Search first. 

As we like to say around here, great minds really do think alike! Always search first to see if a similar idea has already been posted. If it exists, we encourage you to rally around that idea, give kudos, and add your input. Or if it doesn’t exist yet, click the “Submit an idea” button and follow these steps. 

2. One idea per post. 

We want to hear ALL your ideas…just not in the same post. Keep each post focused on a single idea, so other community members know what they’re voting for and can stay on topic. Have another idea? Submit each idea individually and follow these steps every time to help your ideas really shine. 

3. Be clear and detailed. 

Start with giving your idea a clear title, so it is easily searchable and can be discovered by other users (including Mozilla employees). Then provide as many details as you can about your idea and feel free to use supporting images or videos. Avoid vague terms like “make this better” as that could mean different things to different users. Instead, describe a specific feature you’d like to see added and how it would affect your experience. 

4. Use labels and tags to categorize your content. 

And don’t be afraid to attach multiple labels to your idea. Labels are pre-defined and help others locate your posts. Tags are more freeform but can add another layer of searchability and identity to your idea. Effective tags can be single words or short two to three word phrases.  

5. Follow through

Once you click ‘submit’, the adventure is only just beginning. Promote your idea. Drive the conversation, nurture it, and be ready to respond to incoming comments and to potentially elaborate on your idea if needed.  

Easy peasy. 

Now that you’re ready to roll, share an idea now