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Harvesting Personal Phone Text, Gmail/Youtube Data for Mozilla Pocket Does Not Align w/ ToutedValues

Making moves

When you actively choose to use data from sources such as our phone text messages and Gmail/Youtube, etc., in order to serve up targeted Pocket article links, you are in fact an active participant in the total erosion of all privacy. What makes this intolerably egregious is you constantly tout you are an upholder and defender of Privacy (quotes below). ?!

Please verify as needed on your side, and either stop the virtue signalling regarding privacy or stop the privacy invasion that is highly prevalent through your Pocket feature.

"Internet for people, not profit"
"Mozilla makes privacy-respecting products"
"Protect your private info from data brokers"
"Data-hungry dating apps + our work on privacy"
"Worried About Your Data Being Misused?" "Advocating for Meaningful Privacy Legislation"
"Asking Companies Tough Privacy Questions