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GPU usage fix for Youtube playback on Windows 11

Making moves

I had high gpu usage when I was playing back videos on Youtube, about 70-80%. I have a laptop with i7 12700k and Nvidia RTX 3060. The video I try for the test is the following :

I play it at 1440p and uses the vp9 codec, I am on firefox 107.0.1 and uses the igpu of the cpu.

Due to the high usage and bad battery life I tried to find why was doing that, because when I tried it on Edge the gpu usage was at 7-9%. After some tests I found out that the culprit was the animation effects of windows 11. If you disable them from the windows accessibility settings, firefox has the same gpu usage as edge at 7-9%.



I believe that is a big issue, if you want any extra information tell me to send you.

Thank you.