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Goodbye Mozilla

Making moves

In light of Mozilla's lack of support for Huawei device's and the ever growing that of security concerns via our linked devices.

It is sad that I am abandoning the Firefox project. Their lack of support for millions of devices, particularly Huawei and it's AppGallery.

I had continued to use the app, until obvious security concerns arose due to third party concerns. Mozilla's lack of support and chatbot "Paul" and the reception that no AppGallery support is forthcoming has cemented my decision to move away from Firefox.

I have used and advocated for the app for many years. It is unfortunate.


Making moves

I'm also starting to use FireFox less and less.

Even though it has been my main web browser for my whole life now.

Even Microsoft already has several popular apps on that platform.

Due to this, I'm starting to transition towards Microsoft Edge.

Just like my whole family are doing.


Hopefully, once FireFox gets released officially on the Huawei AppGallery, I can come back, if I'm not too much used to Microsoft Edge yet, by then.