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Firefox updates (automatic or manual install) ?

Making moves

I just had to mention that I have had problems or issues with Firefox constantly running the installer when I open the app.  It slows it down and is super annoying.  I just checked again and it is set to "automatically install updates" and 'when Firefox is not running' AND 'use a background service'.  It seems that not any of these selections are actually working because every time I start up Firefox for the first time, it asks if it can run the installer and then it installs the latest updates while i sit there feeling annoyed it hadn't done this during the night or in the 4 hours of the morning I was doing something else.  This should just update when it can or at a set time and then when I want to open it , I don't have to wait for it to install all the crap it hasn't installed yet. 

This drawback makes me not want to use firefox ever, so any advice on how to fix this would be nice.