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Firefox Update 120.0

Making moves

It appears Firefox updated to 120.0. Since the update, EVERY website has a secure Connection Failed error. PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR. I am sure not every single website has an issue. Thinking it is something on the Firefox update.

I am running Windows 10, 64-bit.

I have refreshed Firefox, cleared the cache, cleared the startup cache. My Chrome browser is working just fine. So the issue has to be with Firefox. I have used Firefox forever.

Any ideas on how to fix the issue?


Making moves

I'm having the exact same issue as of 1st of december. I'm on macos sonoma 14.1.2. Not a single website loads in firefox, while safari is working fine. Tried everything, reinstalled from scratch. Help!


Making moves

A long time user of Firefox, I also am unable to login to only some websites, including a local development website and its online versions. I haven't yet noticed a common thread but I have wasted an enormous amount of time checking through code and the like and wondering why websites that I used to log into no longer let me do so. My problems began towards the end of October (I had a rush update to do and didn't have time before a period abroad to look into this problem).

As the original poster said, everything works fine in Google Chrome so the problem is with Firefox. I am on Windows 10 pro, 64-bit, fully up-to-date. Firefox version being used is 120.0.

A caching problem? This morning I was able to log in to the non-https local development website but in trying to do a content update was thrown out for having an invalid token (the token is stored on the local Web server). Every further attempt to log in gave the same error message (token invalid). The exact same procedure using Google Chrome works as expected.

As I contribute per month to keeping Mozilla going specifically for Firefox, if this isn't fixed soon, why as I'm having to use Google Chrome should I continue funding Mozilla?