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Firefox has Turned Into a HORRIBLY SLOW, BLOATED, Buggy Piece of Crap Browser, DO SOMETHING!

Making moves

I have Used Firefox since the end of the Netscape Days (I'll bet 90% of you have never heard of Netscape!) and I USED TO Love it. But, NOW it is a HORRIBLY SLOW, BLOATED, Buggy Piece of Crap (I would use a stronger S word) Browser and I will be abandoning it VERY soon if something isn't done SOON!

On my Windows 10 and 11 FAST Intel Notebooks with 8 and 16GB of RAM, I run 4 different Browsers - Firefox, Opera, MS Edge and MS Chromium. I don't trust Google, so Chrome will never be on any Computer I own. Of the 4 Browsers, Firefox is the SLOWEST, BUGGIEST for webpages, and the MOST BLOATED! The ONLY feature I find redeeming about Firefox is the seamless Syncing with each computer I have Firefox on. Otherwise, I have come to detest using Firefox because of it's BLOAT and INSANE SLOWNESS! * AND YES, I have MINIMIZED the number of "Add ons" I have installed to just a few. And BTW, I have the same Add-on's install on the other Browsers!

The Mozilla Team NEED TO minimize the Bloat of Firefox, find a way to Speed it up, even it abandoning the underlying engine it runs under, or make a Stripped down version of Firefox "Fast" with only the Sync function and running a few selected Add-ons for blocking Adverts and Tracking.

BTW: I have been in IT and IS for 48 years, a coder for IBM Servers OS, and IT Management. I am no Noob.


Making moves


I'm currenty at 109.0 and it spontaneously freezes when wathing youtube or other videos.

DITTO That! In fact ANY site visited that has any form of Media or complexity, will BOG and STALL using ANY of the last 20 versions!  Mozilla coders have clearly "LOST THEIR WAY", they are like the Car Designers of the 1960's and 70's loading up cars with Tons of Chrome crap until a once lite car Weighed A FEW TONS!

Making moves

Noticed when my desktop (WIN10) updated to 109.0 that I started getting about 2/3's of my internet tier's bandwidth... after updating to 109.01 tonight when I got home, hoping it got better... no joy.

This did NOT happen when tested to the same Ookla sites in my Asus router's GUI, nor via my Samsung Phone's native browser, or Edge (both mobile and desktop).  Seems to be something going on that is NOT present in Chromium based browsers.

Even downloaded Ookla's CLI to run it... and that registered more appropriate speeds.

They have done SOMETHING to Firefox specifically that is bogging down throughput.

I disabled fission, no go. Dropped security to Standard.  Tried troubleshooting mode to disable the few addons I have installed.. still no go.

Attaching a screen grab of the kind of disparity I am consistently seeing (not even 200/10 in firefox, 300/11 or better elsewhere).



Making moves

You are somehow missing the obvious point, we're talking about Firefoxes problems with WEBSITES, not pinging servers to test Bandwidth! You're testing the Gasoline and not the Car's motor! Firefox FAILS when loading WEBSITES that Chrome, Edge, MS Chromium, Opera, Brave have NO Problem with the same page and the same time. You'd do better to TIME the Loading time of several types of Website of different types (Bank of America, General Motors, IRS, Disney, etc) on all the browsers and time the COMPLETE load time. That's how things are tested in IT and IS. It's probably a good thing you aren't in IT.  I've been for 48 years.

Not missing the point... this is an additional point that may be related.

The engine is having all kinds of problems in general that are impacting BOTH stability AND performance.

Even if they addressed the various API and site protocol issues and such--it will STILL run doggedly slow if it is nixing 30%+ of all throughput in the network stack.