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Firefox has started to suck

Making moves

About 2 maybe 3 weeks back Firefox became so difficult to use that I downloaded Vivaldi and use that now. I have used Firefox exclusively for at least about 20 years up till now. Here's my main problem. I share a bunch of articles to a news group on Facebook every day. Not any more. I click on share and a window pops up top that says Mozilla is ready, the share window also pops up. I select my group and then the POST bar does not recognize my cursor. I cannot click it. So I X that window closed  and copy and paste the URL to FB.  It might have something to do with Facebook Container which I activated a year or 2 back but never could get rid of.

Vivaldi works and it also allows me to use my external stereo speakers which are connected to my desktop. I lost that option quite a few months back with Firefox. The only sound I can currently get from my system with Firefox comes from my HDMI screen. i'm using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a Dell Optiplex 380 with an AMD Radeon rx 560 series graphics unit.

Thanks for letting me vent.



To remove Facebook Container, or any other Add-on, right-click its toolbar button and choose Remove Extension. If you no longer see its toolbar button, you can use the Add-ons page:

menu button > Add-ons and Themes

In the left column, click Extensions.

Find the unwanted extension on the right side, expand its ... menu button, then Remove.

Thank you so much for that simple fix. Odd that I could not find it a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it did nothing to help with my posting problem.

Making moves

Can I vent here to?   Thank you.

I'm done with any new Firefox update going forward.

After each update there is, and more frequently now it seems, something that doesn't work. After this last one I can't print from my Yahoo mail. I have to open it in a new tab just to do it.

I'm done.

@neverdone wrote:

After this last one I can't print from my Yahoo mail. I have to open it in a new tab just to do it.

There is a longstanding printing bug affecting Yahoo Mail related to layouts that use tables, where numerous pages are blank. That's a common issue with bulk mail.

I don't see a different problem that requires a tab. Could you clarify --

  • You have to open your inbox in a new tab and then click the message and then click the print button in the message
  • You can't print from the inbox, you have to open the individual message in a new tab (I don't see a way to do this) and then click the print button in the message
  • When you click the print button in the message, Firefox switched from opening a new window to opening a new tab for the print-optimized layout
  • Something else


NEVERDONE elucidated the situation better than I did. Firefox updates created problems.




Making moves

Hey I ran into issues with Firefox version 100/101 so I switched to Firefox ESR version 91.11.0 it has resolved my issues and now able to keep using Firefox without the issues of version 100 and 101.