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Firefox 119 boot up extremely slow

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Video Firefox 119 boot first time take 1m15sec 

I don't know what's wrong and i don't believe it's my laptop, this i notice only recently since the update which 1 week ago, make me think that my laptop is frozen, it's weird. After boot, when i click firefox, it took 1 min 15 sec for firefox to start, how is it take that long, even chrome doesn't take that long.

Please tell me i am not the only one

Update: After i update to 119.01, the problem seems goes away, now firefox start right away when i click on it


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Maybe it's just me but, after I updated, seems to have difficulty opening with this version.

Same here. And Firefox programmers don't seem to give a **bleep** and answer peoples questions here. I'm headed back to Opera.

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A browser should launch and wait for your input. I've opened my Task Manager and seen as many as 17 launches of Firefox, sucking the resources out of my PC. They get it right, and then for whatever reason, F it up again....



Several processes, running, it's normal, it's Electrolysis, e10s

Is this information useful to you?

Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues
Memory Use: Clicking on about:memory will take you to a page that shows memory usage. For more information, see this blog post

Enter in Firefox address bar about:memory
Click on the Measure button

Additional information
If you wish, study Firefox Profiler

Thanks for all the info to look into. My system is usually slow but the initial load applying the update seemed slower than most loads. I did not look at task manager or do any in-depth analysis. The Firefox browser update probably isn't the issue I had.

I think it was slow loading for a combination of reasons including the low end laptop and time of day I was using the satellite access. Only the initial load was slow, after that initial load the loads have been normal for my system.

Presently I have no complaints with the quality of the update and performance of the Firefox browser.


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Thanks for all the reply but after i updated to 119.01, the problem seems goes away, i start firefox and it starts right away now