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Firefox 107 - Opening new tabs randomly spikes CPU and halts page loading

Making moves

Ever since upgrading to version 107 for Windows I've noticed opening a new tab will sometimes cause my CPU to spike and the new tab to hang for several moments (upwards of 10+ seconds) before Firefox calms down and I'm able to use the new tab.

Tabs could be new webpages (static content or dynamic doesn't matter) or blank tabs but it will ramp up the CPU usage all the same and the new tab is unusable for a few moments. I can switch between tabs during this time though so something is causing heavy load with new tabs no matter the website (even google or blank tabs). It's not consistent and before I can do much to try and debug the issue it's gone again. Just wondering if anyone else has seen similar behavior as of late.

One thing of note is when loading sites I'll briefly get the prompt that "something on this page is causing it to load slow" but the same pages worked fine on 106.x versions and haven't really changed either.


Making moves

I'm having all sorts of problems with the last update. Tabs from links are only showing me blank pages. I have to keep opening new windows in order to view sites I cannot use links for. Copy & paste the link in the new window, it's a total headache.

Not to add, in my Task Manager, I see anywhere form 13-20 instances of Firefox running, just sponging up all my resources. I've done suggested repairs, uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail. I'm about ready to uninstall it for good. Don't really want to use Chrome but, if I have to, I will.