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FF keeps getting worse by every version

Making moves

I really don't know what's wrong with you people. FF keeps getting worse and worse for the last three versions. That change you made with the "downloads" functionality was the worst ever. Even does not open correctly for 6 months now. So dot no wonder why you keep losing market share.


Familiar face

It's because they have lazy marketing. They prolly think that if they make FF closer to chrome they'd somehow attract more market share.
Instead of trying to push a unique selling point, they try to imitate another product's USP. That's pathetic!
Fire your marketing team NOW; they 're incompetent AF.

Making moves

As if there aren't enough Chromium Browsers out there.

Making moves

It's just ridiculous.  Fixing things that aren't broken and creating features no one asked for is a recipe for oblivion.  They had people actually demand that files that were opened, just for temporary viewing or printing, would be saved in a persistent fashion?  Great idea for public computers, particularly with less computer literate users.  What a ridiculous, obtuse feature.

If you ask people, probably 99% of the PDFs they open are financial statements for viewing or printing. It is absolutely inappropriate for download to be the default. I was greatly upset to see these items appear on my desktop. Not only do I have to delete them from everywhere, but also the recycle bin. This is unacceptable.

There is plenty of opportunity to save these items as a separate procedure if someone actually wants them permanently. Do not presume that saving is what everyone wants. I can't believe this security fail.

If you truly believe in increasing security, don't make it worse. Who even thought this up? Some 20 year old with no business experience?

I will have to downgrade or switch to something else. I cannot be futzing around deleting everything.


I proved to downgrade to the  january version and the problems are still there, was a difficult task because the moment you install, it starts the version upgrade. Also if you have your FF account it tells you to create a new one because it may crash with some staff. So may I sugest you first loguot from your accont, then uninstall, and then turn off the wifi until you can turn off the automatic update.

Didn't try the download issue because I was trying to fix the hotmail issue and I didn't succed, so I'm back at the latest version.

I'm still putting my trust on FF at home but already change to Edge at work because of the download thing

Making moves

I don't have issues with facebook - might be an addon issue?

But otherwise I agree. Broken bluetooth integration, getting rid of the tab outline / dividers and now turning my downloads folder into a dump... and that's just off the top of my head.

Downloads folder turned into a dangerous dump.

Making moves

It feels like out of work game devs are here and bringing all their bad habits with them.  Imagine playing a game and a dialogue box constantly pops up in your face forcing you to take time, concentration, and clicks away from what you are trying to do.   smh.

Making moves

Meanwhile, the bug was reported back in October and even though it appears as solved from version 97 onward, it is still happening

Making moves

I wholeheartedly agree! It's gotten ridiculous! Firefox seems to also hate Hotmail. Like today for instance. I cannot see ANYTHING in my "sent" folder, and I am not able to send emails, and now it's not receiving emails. It is NOT Hotmail, because I just opened it in Palemoon, and it's running JUST FINE there.

Firefox, get on the ball and FIX all the glitches! There are days when web pages won't load, everything is slower than -----! and I'm getting fed up with all of it!

Yes!!!! exactly!! I can't attach anythig by dragging anymore since march....... why?¿?¿? Works perfectly on Chrome and Edge.

Every last update came with an unpleasant surprise. The thing with the downloads!! OMG! If you choose to open it on FF it opens and downloads too, why?¿?¿?¿?

the pop up download panel that can be disable just by entering about:config, is not an easy configuration anymore, why¿?¿? It took me hours to figure it out.

Hope to find solutions but I feel better now that I know I'm not the only one with this feelings

Making moves

I also have issues with browsing and buying from websites like Anyone else? Don't make me change my browser, Mozilla!

I feel the same way. Don't want to change my browser

Making moves

For me, over the past months, Firefox has increasingly been unable to load pages. It even crashes on my company website!

Super annoying! I can't have to switch over to Chrome to do my job!

Come on FF, don't make me look elsewhere!

for what it's worth, yr company's site doesnt crash on my FF. And mine is loaded with a whole lot of userchrome scripts and plugins. It takes a little bit to load (2-3 secs) but that's prolly because distance latency.