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Extremely heat since latest update.

Making moves

Since the latest update, Firefox extremely use the CPU usage. It reaches around 90% of the resources and my laptop made really big noise.

Hope it will be fixed in the next update.



Making moves

Same here - to the point, where I cannot work on it any longer. I have to restart it every 10 minutes. Switching to Chrome. Hopefully it will be fixed ASAP.

It is one of the worst update, I think.

The same here. The dev team may put a cup of boiling coffee in it, I guess. 

Making moves

Same problem on Developer Edition.

Making moves

Also facing the same problem from past 3-4 months. I just open the task manager. end the task thats using too much CPU and CPU usage retruns back to normal. nothing happens to my tabs in firefox. They work Normally.
Should be resolve asap

Making moves

I agree! Last updates increased a LOT not the cpu but mainly the RAM!!! From the task manager with only two tabs opened I see 12 Firefox processes and more than 700MB RAM! What the heck?! BAD BAD BAD progamming here! You need better developement team! I use Firefox for years and you continue to ruin it making Firefox more and more heavy!