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Browser stops working for any new tabs after a certain time period of use

Making moves


After a day of work on approx 5-6 hours of use (generally Autodesk PLM Fusion 360 Manage) Then all new tabs opened after this time slot makes new tabs (also existing tabs sometimes) unusable so that it looks like there is no network and it just keeps waiting no matter what address you type in. Use it mostly with like 5 tabs or so where 2 are active and the others are for reference checking periodically.

My device has these specs so it should not be the lack of memory i would think (especially when it works with other broswers)

Core i7 - 7500U (i know its not a good one 2c/4t)

16 gb of memory

512 gb SSD

HP Elitebook 850 G4 running win10 pro x64 with all updates installed. (also HP software and drivers)

Firefox version 99.0 (64-bit)

Sophos Antivirus is active
Specific software updates are managed by the IT admin for the company.

(you might say, why don´t you then use other browsers)

I can explain that Firefox is the best to edit and save without errors or too much time delay when using it in Autodesk Fusion 360 manage. (the 2nd popular browser gives me different kind of errors so it cannot be saved until i press save like 4-5 times (which consumes more time)

Anyone has a solution for this?



Making moves

Resetting the browser seemed to help. Please delete this topic if possible.