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Android history dates

I hope that the history function of the android app can become better. After a certain amount of time like today and yesterday. The rest is pretty useless like last 7 days. I hope that history can be divided into dates like some other browsers. Which...

Chwdry by New member
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Search Suggestions

First Of All, Thank you for such a wonderful Browser. I have been using Firefox Mobile for a while now. Everything is perfect for my needs. Except for one thing.Less Number Of Search Suggestions.Firefox Mobile shows less number of search suggestions....

Lucifer by Making moves
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I have some suggestions for vertical tabs

When using vertical tabs, the browser's minimize, maximize, and close buttons can be moved to the address bar line, saving page space. You can refer to the Floorp browser. In the picture below, I've circled the white space that is used to place the b...


PPA and Opt-in

Sad to find out today that you are now trying to sneak something unwanted like PPA into Firefox without asking for consent.Disgusted that you are trying to sell it as an improvement and to justify why it is opt-out instead of opt-in which is absolute...

John6 by Making moves
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Enhance the new "translate selection"

It's an option I was looking for a very, very long time, so I was very happy to this see this thing pop up in the news. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me and would need several changes to be efficient. For context I'm a longtime French firefox use...

Wyzo by Making moves
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"Privacy-Preserving Attribution" is a betrayal of the users

I am very sad that this "feature" has been incorporated into Firefox.  And I am livid that I must manually opt out of it.  I can no longer recommend Firefox to others, and will have to tell those to whom I have recommended it that they should uninsta...

Stop Locking in uploads to the Most Recently Used file list

Partly because I have a healthy sense of paranoia about YOU PEOPLE IN FIREFOX having access to my most recently used file list - it really is NONE of your business. It also smacks of more surveillance state bull - but via the people of Mozilla and th...

Phuxxi by Making moves
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