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Firefox keyboard lag on Ubuntu

After some recent updates (current Firefox version 117.0.1, Ubuntu 22.04) after some normal use, typing in Firefox becomes severely degraded with keystrokes lagging several seconds. This happens when typing in text forms on various sites including Gm...

Thunderbird UI alignment

This gives me a headache every time I look at it and that is mostly not hyperbolic. I submit that the discordant alignment needs to be adjusted to one that is not stressful.- why is the top of the folder section empty?- why dont the bars that share t...


Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before upd...

zdvaz by Making moves
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Firefox's hidden potential: Important features disabled

There's a lot of features (privacy, security, performance) that aren't enabled by default, which is unfortunate. The features exist, despite many users forget to enable them or are unaware of their existence, which is why they end up not taking advan...

Krazy by Making moves
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Link preview should be an option that can be disabled

I don't know if this is a system wide iOS issue or something specific to Firefox, but I'm not able to disable link preview when long pressing a link. I was able to disable it in Safari which also disabled it in iMessage, but link previews are still s...

Automatically expand thread when a new email arrives

I hate keeping my inbox thread view expanded because I feel it just clutters it up, but I end up missing emails because of not noticing that an email has come in to a collapsed email chain. Is there anyway to keep my inbox thread view collapsed, but ...

Warning when tab is playing audio when closing Firefox

For example, when a YouTube video is playing in the background, and you try to close Firefox, it could give a popup saying "Audio is currently playing in a tab. Are you sure you want to close?" And it would give you a yes or no.

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