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Menu bar won't stay up in Firefox 123.0 on MacOS 12.7.3

The menu bar has ALWAYS remained visible while browsing; it's been a constant!  Now, however, the only way to see it is to have Blank Page selected as the home screen, and this only lasts as long as I don't navigate to any site.  The moment the brows...

Asynchronously Updated Web Pages

I've noticed how a lot of web pages can't update asynchronously, meaning they can't update different sections of a page independently. They always have to reload the whole page. On websites with lots of sections, like eBay, Amazon, or YouTube, the ti...

Shortcut key to jump to firefox suggest

one way is to continue pressing up in the search bar, takes you to the settings in the bottom right and then through the search engines and then to the Firefox Suggest. Shift+cursor keys just does text selection Pressing alt+(left/right) just switche...

Codecs by New member
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Share your thoughts on how you shop online!

Hello Firefox Community! I’m Joy, a member of the Firefox Product team. I’m excited to engage with you on Mozilla Connect and learn more about your experiences shopping online on Firefox. Our team is working on ways to support and enhance your online...

Where/ How do i report Malicious site

Hi!  Thanks for Adding Me!!    This Most Likely isnt the Standard Protocol for Reporting Malicious Sites , but Im hoping that someone can point me in the right direction ,that you will read the situation in its entirety before coming to any conclusio...

pn14 by Making moves
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