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High fives all around! In the last month, this community submitted 176 new ideas, started 393 discussions and posted 1394 replies.

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Improvements to the Firefox sidebar are on the way…

In the latest Nightly Blog post, our product team has announced some exciting work aimed at improving the sidebar experience in Firefox. To quickly summarize… We have been exploring (including listening to all your feedback and ideas here on Connect)...

Jon by Community Manager
  • 59 replies
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Hotkeys? Yes, please!

Hello Connect Community!This is Nicole from the Fx Essentials Product Management Team. I am in the process of exploring some potential changes around hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts, as this is something that is being asked for quite a bit in the Connect ...

Persistent High CPU Usage Across Firefox Versions

Despite updating to the latest Firefox version (127.0) and performing a reset, I continue to face high CPU usage issues. The battery monitor reports extensive CPU consumption for minimal use, even when only a single tab is open. This problem is not e...

Mozilla Employee-Hosted Discussions in the Community

Did you know that Mozilla employees (Product Managers, Engineers, and more) are actively hosting discussions right here in the Mozilla Connect community? It’s true! This ongoing series is an exciting opportunity for us to connect directly with you al...

Jon by Community Manager
  • 6 replies
  • 13 kudos

More controls on TikTok and alike

Could we please stop TikTok from ever auto-playing? The preferences on Firefox do not prevent it from automatically starting any. Just like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, X/Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, and all others, Python3<, .Net3<, and Jav...

Deleting thread should update the message view

Currently when I select a closed thread and hit delete the messages are deleted but the close thread header stays the same. It would be awesome if the header text would change to the next thread title!    

f0 by Making moves
  • 1 replies
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